Breast enlargement (augmentation with implant)

The desire of having larger breasts depends on the individual’s sense of aesthetic taste. Younger women after puberty often want this correction because they subjectively feel their breasts are too small. At the same time this may cause a considerable psychological burden. Women who have given birth and breastfed their baby occasionally wish their breast resume the form they had prior to pregnancy. Breast enlargement then aims at restoring both the volume and tightening sagging skin with reconstitution of a prominent nipple.

The primary goal of each breast enlargement (breastaugmentation) and breast skin tightening with an implant is to create a natural breast form. Therefore, pre-operative planning is crucially important. This requires the determination of both the exact breast mass as well as the proportions of the upper body, for using this data for planning.

The breast is enlarged with an implant that is placed either under the mammary gland or under the chest- and thorax muscles (in all three muscles that form a plate). If a breast skin tightening is also needed, the implant is put mostly under the mammary gland. The skin incision that is needed for implant placement is such that the scar becomes located in a natural fold, usually the one under the breast.

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