Lower Eyelid Tightening (Lacrimal Sacs)

Also the correction of lacrimal bags is done on an ambulatory basis in the day clinic of the surgery. Often it is necessary to remove prominent fat deposits and also some skin. The ocular ring muscle is responsible for skin wrinkles and also tissue bags; it needs being tightened correspondingly. If the patient has a tendency to “sunken eyelids” fat deposits may not be removed. In this case, lower lid fat deposits are mobilized and transferred to above the lower lid bone with proper fixation to the bone. This technique also straightens the lower lid because the lower lid contour becomes smoother by the fat transfer. At the end, incisions are closed with fine sutures and covered with bandages. The lower lid correction may be done in one procedure with upper lid tightening, however, with the risk of an increased local lymphedema.