Upper Eyelids Tightening (Bagged Eyes)

The aesthetic appearance of a human face depends very much on the form and state of the eyelids. If, for instance, the plains of the upper eyelids are hardly or not at all visible anymore (“bagged eyes” because of too much tissue sagging from above, the face presents the impression of fatigue. This is not a rare finding also in younger people, mainly based on a genetic disposition. Mostly, “bagged eyes” appear as people age. The reason is nearly always is a surplus of the eye-ring muscle. Since the upper lid is tightly bound to this muscle, too much muscle sags down with the skin according to gravity and partially even buries the upper lid. This then leads not only to the facial appearance of fatigue but also to a narrowing of the field of vision. Each wrinkle in the upper eyelid corresponds to a small muscle bundle. It is the tight binding between skin and muscle of the upper eyelid that makes the muscle bundles in the upper eyelid directly well visible. Often there is an asymmetry between the muscles of the two upper lids in a face which needs being considered in the surgical planning.