We are building a new company

Digital Media, Branding, Advertising, Marketing @DocApp?

Our partners and employees are the most important elements for the successful development of DocApp

DocApp is a start-up. Among our current goals are building up the brand recognition level and quick popularisation of the doctor search platform. Moreover we would like to positively surprise our customers (doctors and dentists) as well as end-users (online-users) with the best service and innovative solutions. At DocApp we use our motivation to successfully further develop recently launched concept and to become the most important Swiss search platform for doctors and dentists in 2020. DocApp is independent and transparent. Everyday we have new goals and face different challenges. We motivate ourselves for the common success and enjoy the process at the same time.

Jobs @DocApp

In case you are looking for a multi-task job or can bring an experience of comparable content and marketing projects you might be the right candidate for us.




We are looking for specialists in marketing and communications area (online, print, audio-visual, social media, blog) for setting-up and developing communications and marketing activities of the platform (content, newsletter, marketing and sales projects). We expect responsibility in completing the conceptual and operational tasks and goals.




We are looking for specialists with the medical experience for setting-up and development of medical content (search items, symptoms etc.) of the platform. We expect responsibility in completing the conceptual and operational tasks and goals.




We are looking for specialists who would present and market the DocApp in all the parts and language regions of Switzerland for setting-up and development of the customers’ database (partner portraits of doctors and dentists). We expect responsibility in completing the conceptual and operational tasks and goals.


Requirements to an applicant


Completed education (professional or academic studies); Swiss German and other country language (including English); medical specialists (i.e. medical students, medical professionals in retirement); business development, medical products, marketing and communications; with experience in comparable projects (i.e. healthcare blogger); freelance, part-time or full-time employment. Only personally (no agents).


Our expectations


Personalities willing to achieve and implement something every day; independent way of working and high level of self-control; readiness to incorporate oneself with ease into the complex topics, conceptual and operational motivation; passion and communication skills; empathy and diplomacy.


Application process


Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages); short writing and description of your "DocAppJob”; per Email; feedback; invitation for a short meeting; short interview; business case and job description; second and last round; employment and start.