DocApp - Doctor Appointment

Purpose and meaning

With DocApp we make your search for a suitable doctor or dentist easier, friendlier and more dynamic. Nowadays Internet has already become the main source of information as far as “health” is concerned. At the moment three quarters of the Swiss population prefer to investigate online the topics about health and search for tips of a healthy lifestyle. We search for the fitting doctor online based on our health complaints and health questions. For an end-user today the information which is available online results more relevant, than a personal talk with a doctor or recommendations from friends and family.

The information and best practices published online can be a very helpful source of information for our independent decision making. The growing online activity has it pros and cons though. The estimation of the quantity and quality of the sources of information is getting more and more complex and sophisticated. It is even more the case when we talk about the complex symptoms which are to be estimated by the educated and experienced health professionals. But where, when and how do we find a suitable doctor, health professional or dentist, able to provide answers to our questions and complaints? The search, evaluation and addressing the competent, personally suitable contact person, in particular a precise medical specialist, as well as availability of the doctor became a challenge for end-users and patients. This is the reason why we founded DocApp. We are convinced and know from our experience that for those concerned the entire process can go much easier, friendlier and more dynamic. DocApp stands for Online Doctor Appointment: according to the description of complains one can search online in a special medical field either by the name of the doctor or by the preferred treatment method for a suitable Swiss doctor or dentist with the optional possibility to book the first appointment.