What is DocApp?

The goal of DocApp is to support the end-users and patients in their search for the suitable doctor or dentist. To meet this need DocApp provides contact information and suggests this platform to end-users and patients.


Choose the right doctor or dentist in the city of your choice.


Arrange an appointment online and receive a personal confirmation by the practice.


Review the doctor or dentist after the appointment to help future patients.

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

1) What does DocApp mean?


DocApp stands for “Online Doctor Appointment”.


2) What is the cost of DocApp for an end-user?

All the inquiries about possible care providers are free of charge.


3) What does DocApp offer?


DocApp is an online search machine providing search results of Swiss doctors and dentists. At the search platform end-users will find the recommendation of doctors and dentists. With DocApp an end-user has a possibility to contact a care provider either online or traditionally over the phone to set up a doctor or therapy appointment.


4) Which doctors and dentists will be published at DocApp?


The doctors published at DocApp have Swiss professional education (FMH-Mediziner or federal graduate dentists). The doctors with international diploma will be published at DocApp only in case their education is officially recognised by the Swiss health authorities and they are employed by a Swiss medical specialist or dentist and meet the requirements of DocApp.


5) What is the succession of the recommended doctors based on?


Behind the DocApp there is a searching machine which lists out the recommendations based on the medical areas of competence, respective availability of the specialists and distance towards the preferred treatment place. The succession and positioning of doctors will be defined by the algorithm co-determined by the consistency of the search requests or by the frequency of the doctor’s profile visits.


6) Why not all the partner doctors have portrait pictures and additional information?


The partner doctors from the DocApp have the possibility to strengthen their presentation to the end-user with the help of additional information, inserted pictures and services. This possibility is used not by all doctors though.


7) Do partner doctors have different positions in the succession?


The succession of the search result is built up exclusively according to the evaluation algorithm. The doctors with the completed information receive more attention and influence from the evaluation of the end-user. The doctor profiles with portrait picture are brought up in general ranking.


8) Why shall the personal contacts be shared while requesting for an appointment?


Incomplete appointment requests cannot be confirmed by a doctor. The contact details will be further sent to the doctor in order to confirm an appointment. With the help of personal details the doctor can contact the enquiring end-user to make sure that the doctor is the correct contact person to formally confirm the appointment.


9) Why shall I mention my E-mail and cell phone number?


The information will be used for the confirmation and reminding of the appointment. (for example via E-mail or SMS). By doing this we are taking care that the requested appointment is taken seriously and will not missed.


10) Within what time will an appointment be confirmed?

At the weekday an appointment request will be processed by the team of doctors within 24 hours. The appointment request will be then confirmed or new time for the appointment will be scheduled. The following shifting or cancellation by the patient is possible not later than 48 hours before the confirmed appointment is planned.


11) The searched doctor is not at DocApp or has incorrect data.


DocApp has more than 30.000 Swiss doctors in its database. May your doctor not be in this list, please send us an E-mail with the correct data. In case the required doctor meets the requirements his/her contact data will be inserted within 2 weeks and can be found in the DocApp.