Breast Reconstruction (following Mastectomy)

When a whole breast or part of it is lost, such as through excision of a mamma carcinoma, more elaborate operations are necessary. Depending on anatomical situations reconstructions with the patient’s own tissue, such as from the back or belly region, with or without additional implants, are feasible. If a moderately large breast is wanted, breast reconstruction includes the placement of an implant completely underneath the chest muscles. This intervention can be done as a momentary direct reconstruction right at the session during which the sick breast is removed. A prerequisite for this is the immediate pathological analysis of the removed breast tissue for tumor presence. The advantage of this technique is the sparing of tissue transplantation from remote parts of the body, such as back or belly, to replace removed breast tissue. This also shortens the total time of surgery and reduces the risk that is clearly associated with the renewed removal of tissue for being transplanted. All these procedures of breast reconstruction require several days of hospitalisation. Moreover, there is need for an interdisciplinary consultation between oncologist and gynecologist.

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