Browlift (Eyebrow)

With age and as consequence of a disposition to tissue sagging, eyebrows change their form. One observes a downshift of brows that leads to brow skin covering the upper eyelid that may aggravate already existing “bagged eyes”. Also disturbing especially to women may be thick masculine eyebrows.

Brow lifting or brow elevation reconstitutes brow shape and position. This special surgical technique was developed by Dr. Feinendegen (published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery). It allows thinning of brows and simultaneously lifting without causing visible scars. In patients with thin brow hair, the incision and thus scar is placed into the scalp hair region, which, however, demands a significantly larger surgical procedure. If there are very prominent forehead wrinkles the scar may be placed into such a wrinkle fold and, thus, become hardly visible. Another technique is endoscopic brow lifting, which, however, is discouraged by Dr. Feinendegen, because thus far long-term satisfactory results have not been established yet. Quite often brow lifting is combined with major lid reconstruction. This is done again by local anesthetic.